Few words about:

With innovation in technology, their products come with rich features and easy operational modes. Super Sync Technologies employs embedded technology to design and manufacture a range of micro controller based electronic/electrical products, control systems for machines and process automation solutions for industries since 2001.

1. Products :

1. Automatic School bell System

It relieves the person responsible for ringing the bell and the machine rings the bell at accurate time without even a lag of micro second

2. Broadcasting system

It is a master slave concept for monitoring and switching. A fully digital and micro controller based technology.

3. Automatic Water level controller

System comes with a sensor that monitors two level of water. The upper level and lower level. System switches on the pumping motor as and when water level in the tank falls below the lower level. Water level will starts rising in the tank. As water reaches the upper level set by user, motor will switch off.

It also protects monitors the underground tank :
System is provided with the provision of monitoring the lower level of tank from where water is being pumped to fill over head tank. As and when water level in underground tank drops below lower level set by user, motor is switched off to avoid the dry running of motor.

Available for :
1. Single Phase 2. Three Phase 3. Submersible motor with starter.

4. Guard Alert System

System generates alerting beep at fixed/random interval (as selected by user). Guard has to respond this alert call by pressing respond switch on response unit. The time of response is recorded in the system. Beep will be on for 02 minutes and guard do not respond within this period, then also time of missed alert is recorded in the system. All these records can be viewed by responsible officer in morning and question guard for his absentees.

Special features:

1. 32 Character two line digital display and in system clock to maintain time and calendar.
2. Keeps the record of last seven days, can be viewed at any time.
3. Separate response unit to keep main unit out of the reach of guard.
4. Audio visual alert signal.
5. User selectable fixed / random alert interval. When random is selected, guard will never know when beep is going to come. So he cannot predict next beep time to leave the place of duty for even short duration

5. Digital Timer

The system automatically switches off and switches on the machine/Instrument/Lights connected with it according to the time which is been fed by the user.