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Youngman has been associated with safety, quality and innovation since it was founded in the 1920s. We are now recognised internationally as a leading provider of innovative access equipment and systems, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We supply thousands of rental, retail and resale customers across the UK, Europe, India & overseas, and have a turnover in excess of £50 million a year. Our determination to grow our business through continual product advancement and improvement is underpinned by our strongly held values of Safety, Innovation, Quality, Customer Care and Integrity.

1. Aluminium Scaffolding

2. Multipurpose Ladders

3. Lighting Towers

The world’s first low energy LED hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower, powered by the BOC Hymera fuel cell. The Ecolite H2 can be used in locations that would normally be restricted, with the ability to run without diesel making it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where a risk of contamination may occur.

The Hymera fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air to form electricity and water. There are no carbon or particulate emissions and as a result the process is virtually silent which is important for work at night or in built-up areas. This is the first time fuel cells have been integrated into a low energy, low voltage LED system and using only 150W of energy.

Zero CO2 Site Emissions

  • Zero Noise Pollution
  • Zero Particulate Pollution
  • Zero Servicing
  • Zero Combustion
  • Zero possibility for fuel or earth contamination
  • Integrated GPS and monitoring systems
  • Refuelling alerts by SMS or email
  • Remote stop/start functions
  • Operational in enclosed spaces
  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • Fully autonomous run time between 50 to 900 hours*
  • Automated with dusk to dawn auto switching * Depending on cylinder configuration